Upgrade from E8500 to Q9650?

hi , i currently have a E8500 Oc to 3.8 ghz . running a gtx 285 . im scrared some future games will bottleneck . is it a goods idea to go Q9650 with 4 cores and Oc to 4.0ghz.?? pls help . i am a huge gamer
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  1. I don't think the E8500 at 3.8GHz would bottleneck a GTX 285, only in games designed to use more than three cores I suppose. If you do want to future-proof your computer a bit, I suggest you buy the cheaper Q9550 which has the same amount of cache, just a slightly lower multiplier, and overclock it until you feel like it's enough.
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    Only games that are CPU bound will really hurt from this. For most quad core optimized games you'd still have enough power to keep up.
  3. I agree with Lmeow. If you want to do the quad core upgrade, get the Q9550. A Q9650 is more than $300 unless you can find one on sale. $300 is a sizable portion of an i5 motherboard, CPU, and memory.
  4. why not getting a i7, then you overclocked it...?
  5. jeyd02 said:
    why not getting a i7, then you overclocked it...?

    The OP already has a 775 socket motherboard.
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