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My FX-6300 is overclocked slightly to a modest 3.7 Ghz because I forgot to budget in for an aftermarket solution and I am stuck with the stock cooler. However I am getting temperature readings on CPUID's Hardware Monitor saying my CPU is only 12-22C when my ambient is usually around 22-23C. I have the temp settings in my BIOS set to try and keep it at around 40C so I was wondering if it is now reporting the temperature above 40 or what. Any help would be great, thanks :) .
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    It is reporting what it thinks is the actual temp.

    Download and run "RealTemp" and see if there is any difference.

    Another tool that I find useful is "OCCT"
  2. +1 to using RealTemp instead of CPUID HWMonitor - I stopped trusting the latter when I saw a high for AUXTIN of 420 C and it wouldn't go away when I told it clear low/high values.
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