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What type of water cooling kit should I use?

Hi guys
I am wanting to find a water cooling kit for my ultimate gaming pc what would you recommend? Please tell me if you have any suggestions.
Here are the specs:
Asus Rampage IV EXTREAME Motherboard
Intel Core i7 3970x
Sandisk SSD Extreme 240GB
1TB Extrenal Hard Drive
Bluray Drive
2x EVGA GTX 680 (SLI Configuration)
Acer - T-Series 23" IPS LED HD Touch-Screen Monitor
Thermaltake Level 10 get Snow Edition
thermaltake toughpower grand 1050w tpg-1050m Power Supply

Now I just need a cooling solution I am going for water cooling you have the chance to choose what kit I should give as much suggestions as you want then I will choose I am only going to wait 1 month
Hurry! :bounce:

Thank You
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    Researching, learning and eventually deciding on your own water loop is what you should be doing. You will find that when it comes to water-cooling, most will not just give you a shopping list of parts. Because ultimately, you will be the one assembling and maintaining this thing. Its much better if you understand rather than just follow what we say.

    My advice, start with the water-cooling sticky.
    Read through it and gain an understanding of what your getting yourself in for. If you still have more questions after reading the sticky, feel free to ask.
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