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We having IBM, IBM x38508, Intel(R) Xeon(TM) MP CPU 3.66GHz (8 CPUs)8GB Ram and Database is running. Please advice whether Installing 2x Server in the same server will get the good performance or in a separate server will give the good performance ?
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  1. 3.66ghz sounds like the old netburst based xeon's - if it is, then the best way to get good performance would be to dump it for a new one

    otherwise it all comes down to the apps you use
  2. Do you mean installing a 2nd CPU?

    If so, you may need to add more ram, as each socket has its own bank unless server can use memory pooling.

    You can offload tasks to specific cpu's depending on the o/s, which would improve performance under certain circumstances, but I would have a word with your IBM sales/support team.
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