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Hi there everyone,Hi there everyone.I'm supposed to have a gtx 260 right now but instead i have to put up with a 7800 gt until i get my faulty gtx 260 back from gigabyte. When i do get my gtx 260 back, i am considering selling it and spending about $400 maximum on a graphics card upgrade. Note that i live in Australia and that prices are a little more expensive here than in the US (not only due to the difference in currency). I want to upgrade to something that will be a decent leap over the gtx 260. I'm either thinking of buying an ati 5850 or a 5830, or getting two 9800's (or gts 250's) and running them in sli. What do you guys think? Oooor, should i wait and see what nvidia has to offer once they release their new lineup? Please help me out, any help is appreciated.My rig is as follows.

cpu: core i7 920 2.66 ghz @ 2.8 ghz
ram: 6gb gskill signature 1600 mhz
psu: 750 watt antec true power
case: coolermaster HAF 922
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  1. Oh yeah also, i game at 1080 x 1920 so i need something which will easily deal with all of the latest games. Anyone?
  2. I'd wait a few weeks for Nvidia's new lineup. If nothing else the 5850's prices may come down to 280ish US for us and maybe a bit more for you
  3. Ge a single HD5850 for now.
    Very powerful card and it will work well at that resolution.
  4. Oh yeah and a 5850 is Nvidia's cards totally suck. I keep wanting to splurge on a 5850 right now but 2 weeks is not even that far and I don't wanna regret my purchase so soon
  5. Quote:
    The 5850 price is going nowhere with the addition of the 5830. Hell they just upped the 5830's price to 259.99.

    NEwegg has a MSI 5830 for 259.99 that will overclock to 1.05Ghz core and kick a lot of ass for not a lot of money. I max out BC2 at 1920X1200 with 8XAA and 16XAF and average 60fps. That is with a single 5830 and not in Xfire.

    You can't say that. If Nvidia launches their cards at $300/$600 and they kick the ATI equivalent's ass, then ATI has to lower price. If they suck and are overpriced, he waited 2 weeks at most
  6. so basically i should just wait another two weeks till nvidia launches their new lineup? I hope prices for the 5850 go down by then. Cos right now, a 5850 is at least $369
  7. If you aren't in a hurry then wait the 2 weeks. If you are in a hurry then get a 5850.
  8. cool, i'll wait for a while then and see how things play out, thanks everyone for the input
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  10. honestly the fastest card is just for bragging rights and the cards that matter to most people are the mid range cards that currently do not exist for fermi. The only reason I could see someone buying the gtx480 is if they are die hard nvidia fans or want the fastest single GPU card.
  11. Yeah, i'm really curious to see how they do, considering how well amd has done with their current ati lineup.
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