Do not know if ram is bad.

I just built a new gaming computer about 2 weeks ago. Everything is good I resolved some heat, and airflow issues by getting a antec 1200 case. I am not sure what the problem with my computer is. If I leave my computer on for a long time (I have sleep disabled) I will wake up saying that it has rerecord from a unexpected error. How am I supposed to see the error codes when I am in bed. Does this sound like a ram problem? Also are all of these blue screens in anyway hurting my computer?
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  1. Right click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced System Settings>Startup and Recovery > Settings> uncheck Automatically restart.
    Your PC will wait for you with the blue screen on. Also, you can see where the PC saves the dump file with the error on the same page, so you can access info from previous errors and compare them. If the all look similar, it is likely that one component keeps doing that every time.
    The blue screens do not hurt the computer, the errors that causes them might.
    Ensure all the cables and cards are properly plugged in, all the power cables are plugged in the mobo and the peripherals. Once you narrow the problem down to the piece of hardware that is causing the BSOD, try reinstalling the drivers for it, reseating it on the mobo or replacing it.
    Run Prime 95 to stress the CPU and memtest to check the memory. These tests should trigger the BSOD much quicker.
  2. Hi.

    Download and use memtest86+ and if you can, test the RAM in another rig.
  3. No, it is not 'good' for the PC to 'BSOD' or spontaneousnessly shutdown {corruption} - without knowing 'what' errors are occurring this all becomes a 'Guessing Game'. It could be anything from H/W {S2/S3} sleep devices to OS corruption to a bad driver(s), etc.

    First, run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic, and restart. Next, update/reinstall ALL of your Drivers for your MOBO + OS version. Also, in the BIOS {assuming no RAID} Load Optimized/Defaults {varies from BIOS}, save & exit. Disconnect ALL USB devices except KB/Mouse.

    Please post the following info:
    If needed use CPUz to identify -
    1. MOBO
    2. ALL RAM installed with a link e.g.
    3. BIOS version
    4. OS version e.g. Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    5. USB Devices
    6. PCIe Devices incl GPU
    7. List the Event Manager "Critical Errors" ; don't copy/past the log - just need the Event Codes.

    This will be a good starting point.

    Event Manager {look at Critical}:
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