How do i stop a annoying message coming up on start up

i have a foxconn monther board and when i start it up the bios selection screen comes up and stays there for 10 seconds (can you make that shorter ps.its a cleaned out pc) and also after that a screen says no drivers found does anyone know how to turn that off
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  1. Go into BIOS - there should be a shortcut key for that when booting, like Del or F2 or F12, and make sure quick boot is enabled, also that the RAID controller is disabled if not in use. That is usually the driver that the system is looking for.
    The options in the BIOS depend upon the manufacturer (BIOS' manufacturer, not the mobo).
  2. umm how do u make the bios have default settings
  3. now my pc wont even start and which of these cores are the best
  4. Take out the CMOS battery on the motherboard for a while and put it back again.
  5. it works thanks so much where you learn that from
  6. I don't remember :)
  7. any ways do you think this is a better mother board than my one now its a foxconn p65 something or should it get
  8. and does the mother board come with a cpu
  9. No, it doesn't come with a CPU, keep the one you have since it's working now.
  10. k but it is slower than the other mother board i had before and would i be able to use the mother board ( with a the new cpu intel core duo 2
  11. No, that mobo is socket 1156 and that CPU is socket 775. What's the message, "No device drivers were found."?
  12. i dont know its after the logo and before the windows starting
  13. dont worry bout this i change back to my better pc ASUS
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