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First build part advice and plan advice

Last response: in Overclocking
January 30, 2013 11:49:07 AM

I am considering doing first water cooling build.

Currently running:
Msi p67-gd53
Evga gtx 560ti (may upgrade to 670 soon)
Gskill sniper 8Gb 2133
Lancool k65 (I think, one of the top line cases, side Window with 140mm's on tip)

Internal system required (system moves once or twice a onth for lan paries)
Price Range: not really a huge factor, under $600 would be nice.

Anyone have experience with the frozenQ liquid fusion resivors? They look sick, but heard some iffy things.
I would like to use this resivor to hit a theme in my cooling system - cardiovascular system. Thinking blue and red uv tubing with blue into cpu and future components and red out. Still may use theme if I decide against that resivor

Also, are resivor/pump combos a good idea, or do they tend to cause more problems?
Any other good resivors really good?
Link to standalone pump considerations (on phone at work, pain in the ass to search)

Plan to start with just cpu loop, but would like to add vga later and MAYBE chipset, so expandability options are important.

Will figure out radiator later (easy enough).