4gb on 32 bit system

i've read article on memory and i want to ask u some question

i don't have the high end system like the one in the article and i'm not planning to do ram disk.

but i want to know is that: i'm now using 2gb ddr3 with 512mb graphic card on 32 bit system.

so i want to upgrade to 4gb ram and i want to still using 32bit win 7. so as i read, the system will know 3.25gb of ram, so what will be the ~750mb of ram be used? can it be used for graphic card or is it leave alone unused?

and also the 3.25 gb mean RAM alone or RAM + graphic card RAM?

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  1. The loss varies and is typically 0.5GB, and/or add 0.25GB~0.5 GB if you have an on-board GPU that 'shares' even more RAM - here's a Microsoft link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/294418 Since the limit is 4GB of addressable memory you ALSO need to factor in Paged Pool which represents the bulk of the 'lost' RAM, Devices ALSO need RAM cache to perform their own operations.

    Data Dan - http://www.dansdata.com/askdan00015.htm
    Memory Limit article - http://www.vistaclues.com/reader-question-maximum-memory-in-32-bit-windows-vista/

    The 'solution' is 64-bit OS.
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