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I am currently using 2xHDD in Raid0. I want to replace one of them with a SSD.

I was thinking that 60GB is enough. I have 2-3 free hours/ day during which I watch a movie, play some games(currently SWTOR). I plan to play D3 and GW2.

My 'local' supply if SDDs :

I just chose from the left of the the size 60 GB, Sata3, and 25'' size. I do not know which 'Controller' I should chose.

Please give me a few options, thank you all for your time, and have a nice weekend.
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  1. more info about my sytem:
    intel i3
    8 gb ram
    gtx460 se
  2. found this with good reviews on newegg:

    anyone knows something bad about this choice?
  3. i have the force 3, it's an awesome SSD, i think all SSD work and will be a noticeable upgrade from HDD, buy for reputation, Intel, samsung and crucial also make good SSD
  4. Intel 330 60gb.
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