My 1tb verbatim external hard drive is not working.HELP

Hello everyone,
i have my 1TB Verbatim external hard disk connected to my laptop and it doesn't appear on "my computer".it makes the windows connection sound
the little blue light on the disk even works but the god damn thing won't appear anywhere on my computer and its only like 1 or 2 weeks old.I'VE BEEN SITTING HERE FOR 5 EFFING HOURS TRYING TO FIND A SOLUTION:@ HELP
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  1. Try different ports on your machine, reboot your machine, try connecting it to a different computer if possible.

    Do you have any data on the drive? If so make sure not to format it from this next section.

    Type in diskmgmt.msc into the search bar, and see if the drive shows up here at all. If it shows up, but doesn't have a drive letter right click and use the assign drive letter option. If it shows as unformatted you will need to format it which would erase all the data on the drive so don't do this if you have data on it.
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