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Another Antivirus question

Ok right now i have Microsoft Security Tools, AVG internet security, malwarebytes , and Ad-Aware running. Yes i know its alot but i dont want a virus lol I want to get rid of them all and just get Avast but i feel like i need Malwarebytes and Adware. Please guide me i want the best security because ill admit i download alot of stuff and you never know.
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  1. Use Avast and Malwarebytes and pc tools firewall plus!Get rid of the rest!
  2. I use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite ..... download the free trial and let them send you nag e-mails until they drop the price.....goes down a bit more after a few e-mails you don't answer....I think it costs me about $12 per machine for the various site licenses.

    Kapersky works well (It's in ZA) w/o being annoying and Malware Bytes, Bit Defender are other goodies.
  3. Hi I suggest a quick read of this article:,3045.html

    You really only need ONE solution as the top performers (AVG,AVAST,MSSE,NORTON...) all perform similarly. Personally I use AVAST FREE due to its Sandbox and P2P scanning that even work on the free edition.
  4. But with Avast Free do i need the rest? I want to take Malwarebytes Adware and Microsoft off cause i feel like it slows me down
  5. Unfortunately there is no one anti-virus software that provides the same protection as multiple programs - which sucks for users, but it's true. Unless you have some system conflicts with the multiple programs, you're probably fine with what you have.
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  7. i know i keep asking a thousand questions but what if i got the Avast security suite?
  8. Malwarebytes is a keeper, add it to whatever else you select. I usually find an OEM version of the latest norton internet security. Then I get a new one every year much cheaper than renewing the subscription. As to not getting Most infections are user caused. Nothing will entirely protect you if you open every attachment and email you get from unknown sources. If you visit warez, porn and other less than reputable sites, the software may warn you but if you go ahead and choose to enter the guest area or just take a look...well you can get infected. It is much easier to avoid contamination than to remove it. And removal is a story for another time and place.
  9. wildgene789 said:
    i know i keep asking a thousand questions but what if i got the Avast security suite?

    No one make the perfect security suite, not even the paid ones.

    For example, Comodo FW is in many cases better than the paid versions., but Comodo AV not as good as some other AV. Not all AV's are equal.

    What pest is let through with one AV, another AV might stop the infection.

    If u want the best ones, like GDATA or Kaspersky or other paid AV, it is still smart to keep Malwarebytes working for u. I use Malwarebytes just for scanning the system, it is not running all the time.

    All-in-one is good, but also not perfect, especially not the freeware.
  10. Most AV software today are very competitive, even the free ones, so you should not worry about viruses if you have one of the top recommended AVs. Having additional antimalware programs makes sense, as some others have pointed out, as long as they do not slow down your computer. i currently have a subscription to GData Internet Security, which contains two engines preconfigured...Avast and BitDefender....and also has a good firewall.

    One antimalware that I would recommend, if you do not mind paying for it, is Hitman Pro 3.5. You can download a 30-day free scanning and removing trial version of it here to see if you like it:

    Hitman Pro contains the following scanning engines: Dr. Web, IKARUS, Prevx, G Data and Emsisoft, which are configured to be compatible with each other and with whatever antivirus program you have installed.

    Hitman Pro v3.5 is not a substitute for a good antivirus program, however, and there is always a chance of false positive detections. You should check any "malware" detected to make sure it really is malware before deleting it. Tracking cookies detected can safely be deleted.

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