I5 750 or i5 655K for virtual desktops?

Hi, I am soon going to upgrade my desktop to an i5 processor with 4 - 8gb memory. Now, have decided to go with the i5 750 a month ago, but now the p5 655K is being released. So the 750 has 4 cores, but no HT and the 655 has 2 cores with HT, allowing both to run 4 threads. So, which one of the 2 would people here suggest as being most suitable to comfortably run a few virtual desktops?

The OSes I plan to run would be Linux and Windows 7.
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  1. 4 threads produced by 4 real cores is more powerful than hyperthreading without a doubt. Go with the I5 750.
  2. Thanks for that!
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