Oblivion + Assassin's Creed + BSOD (Weird result inside!)

Title almost says all. I have been tearing my hair out in frustration because I, for the life of me, cannot play these games. Received AC two years ago as a Christmas gift, bought Oblivion FOUR years ago. Both have had MAJOR problems concerning performance issues and/or BSoDs. They HAVE and still occur today, even though I have had several completely different rigs throughout the years. So I just put them back in their boxes and just didn't play them for a very long time.

Anyway, onward to the annoying issue I am currently having now:

Oblivion always had performance issues because, let's be honest here, it's super picky about drivers and OCing. It's only the last few months and my most recent rig actually can max out this game with very good FPS. A more interesting thing is AC has no performance issues (though I kind of just contradicted myself), except for the BSoDs that share with Oblivion's.

However, random BSoDs are EVERYWHERE, and it is always the exact same message. It is plainly telling me that my Envy24.HNF driver is causing the STOP errors, which has led me to believe that trying different driver versions would eventually fix this problem. No dice, even using driversweeper, I can reproduce the bsod anywhere within the first five minutes to EIGHT hours later. So, yeah, random is the key word here.

What I have tried so far:

- Reformatting Windows from scratch
- Installing the latest drivers for everything, including motherboard and BIOs
- Switched RAM sticks in slots, changed RAM completely
- Switched GTX 260 with a slightly lesser card
- Made sure no peripherals were plugged in case of conflict
- Tried .ini tweaks for Oblivion, no .ini tweaks for AC afaik.
- Disabling sound completely from Device Manager WILL stop the bsods from BOTH games (but who wants to play without sound?)
- Tried using different drivers for my sound card (as mentioned above)

If there are more, I will add on to the list, but for now that is all I can think of because I have tried so many solutions that did not work.

Here's where the issue gets weird:

My PCI Envy24 ICEnsemble sound card is great, I love the way it sounds, I wish to not get rid of it at any cost unless absolutely necessary.

If anyone is familiar with this card, you will know that it and its driver supports something called 3D Immezio, its own 3d sound effects and Equalizer. Using them makes my card shine with my 5.1 budget speakers.

Upon turning them off, my BSoD troubles went away suddenly. However, a new problem cropped up just when I thought things had gotten back to normal:

If I switch off the 3D effects, Assassin's Creed and Oblivion begin to stutter, like the sound is boggling them down, and then it's Slideshow City from there. If I turn them ON, the horrific stuttering goes away, but the BSoDs come back.

Any ideas? I'm willing to post my specs if need be. Sorry if the post is so long, it's almost like the story of my life.
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  1. I can only comment that I avoided buying AC (no choice in your case, I know) because I heard it wasn't optimized properly for PCs. It was originally a console game ported to the PC, and unless a game is developed from the ground up for our favorite gaming platform, issues are bound to rise.
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