Laptop Video Card (ATI Radeon) Problem.

Hi Folks,

I have problem with my video card for my laptop.
I think it could be physical damage, but I'm not sure...
I'm not sure what is the best course of action at this time, so I ask for your guidance, as what to do

The situation:

- I have an Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon X700.

- I'm experiencing the blue screen of death with "The driver ati2dvag for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly." which causes my computer to reboot.

- I'm getting weird horizontal lines on the screen, but not always, they come they go. But when the lines get real bad that's when the Blue Screen of Death comes up.

- The weird lines come up also in Safe-Mode and when I go into the BIOS.
So that would mean the problem is not with the driver but with the actual card...correct?

- So if it's not a driver problem, then what? Is the card physically damaged or maybe the firmware is affected^

- I have a loose power cable and no laptop battery. I believe the cable got loose and that could have caused the error... The cable has gotten loose in the past, causing the computer to shut down and sometimes freeze...but never this.

- From other posts that I have read on the subject, the solution seems to be to un-install the ATI drivers and re-intall them, however my situation is a bit different and I'm concerned that doing so could cause further problems...
If there is physical damage to the card i'm concerned I might not be able to re-install the drivers and completely loose the screen - I don't want to make things worse.

- What do you suggest is the best course of action?

Thanks for you help!
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  1. rollback the drivers and see if that helps

    if not then your gfx card is dead, which means a new laptop
  2. HI,
    Thanks for your reply.
    What do you mean by "rollback" the drivers? Uninstall them?
  3. no

    go to device manager
    display adapters, double click
    drivers tab
    and ther is a button called rollback drivers

    which means it goes back to the previous driver version

    u can also do a system restore to a time when u didn't have the new driver
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