Realistic 3570k Overclock

Just wondering at what point the 3570k offers diminishing returns considering the heat gain from OCing (gaming use), it seems everyone runs them at 4.2Ghz, is that it?

Cooler is a 2013 H60 (laugh it up :p ), past processor was a Sandy Bridge at stock clocks, had the fan percentage to silent and load temps were about 59C.

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  1. if you really push it on nice hardware with good cooling, you can expect 4.6. ive heard as high as 4.8 but that is an extreme.
  2. GO EXTREME! ! ! LIQUID NITROGEN CPU COOLING OVERCLOCK IT TO 6.5 GHZ! ! I'm just kidding but really 4.2 Ghz would definitely be fine and if you wanted to go higher just inch your way up testing it as you go ^_^
  3. Are the gains worth it above that? Just seems like everyone has it at that, why?
  4. if you can keep it cool and your volts under control, sure, why not. if you have to run too hot or with too high of volts, probably not worth it.

    i mean, itll perform better. do you really need that performance? probably not, at least not yet. when your computer gets closer to its end of life though you might want every bit of performance you can get.

    personally i just like getting as much performance as possible without spending buttloads of money

    edit: i actually prefer sandybridge over ivybridge, because sandybridge overclocks better.
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