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So, i purchased a Gigaware video capture device, to get programs off my dvr, do I hook up these cables, S-video, yellow, white, red to the dvr or tv for transferring to dvd? And, My Dish Network dvr has USB on the front, if I had a usb cord on both ends, wouldn't that do the same that I'm trkying to do?
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  1. Generally, you must connect the video capture device as if it is a TV, then you play the video and capture on your PC.

    As far as the USB on your DVR: that might be to copy recordings directly to your PC, or it might be to play videos from a USB drive.
  2. I troubleshooted it and figured it our. I believe it's Windows Movie Maker, recorded directly to dvd.
    I had a couple of recordable dvd's, any advice on purchasing these? I noticed they were 90 min. Do they make them maybe 120 min. or so?
  3. If you have a drive that can record on double layer DVDs you can get discs with twice the recording time.
  4. Thanks!
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