Best chipset for Intel Pentium 4 641 HT

My old motherboard is broken down and I'll buy a new one but I don't know which chipset is the best one for my processor?
Does my processor supports DDR3 ram?

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  1. Its not even worth getting a motherboard for that CPU your best bet would be to atleast upgrade to an AMD Athlon II.

    You could reuse the DDR2 RAM you got and get a cheap AM2+ motherboard and an Atlon II which will run circles around your P4 for about $150. It is really not worth putting money into that old of a system.
  2. ^+100. Ditch the P4 and get a cheap AM2/AM2+ board (assuming you have DDR2 RAM, if not, get an AM3 board with DDR3) + AM3 CPU (make sure the board supports AM3 CPUs).
  3. +100000000 Yep, smells like a better solution.
  4. thanks to anyone
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