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1000w heat exchange

i'm looking to cool 3 gtx280's SLI, and my q6600 oc to hopefully 3.6ghz stable. i'm looking to do a single loop. i got some of my stuff overseas aliexpress so i cant really reference all the flashy name brands or model numbers that i've read and familiarized myself with, but the specs should be right on. 1/2" line, DD tietons for gpu's and a DD mc cpu block, 5.25 bay res.
my main concerns are the pump and radiator.

and the radiator is from another distrib, a 6x140mm. should this be sufficient?
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  1. 3 GPU's and a CPU in the same loop?

    I would not recommend doing this. that is far too much heat for a single loop.
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    i would save the money for water cooling, sell the internals and build a new system. i upgraded from two 280's and a q6600 to a 7970 and a 2550k
  3. GTX280 was a fine card in it's time, as was a Q6600.

    I would not throw good money at this.

    If you buy a modern 28nm card like a GTX670 or 7950, you will not have any heat issue, and still get better performance.
    The Q6600 may be adequate for now.
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  5. yeah...screw it. i'm going with my initial idea of just upgrading the mobo to teh 790i and adding another 550ti for a smaller sli (have one already a year old) i'm more of a fan of the $200 investment on this dated equip than the direction it was headed in a hurry.
    i'll get the start for a nice waterrig for this one and just transfer it to my next build. good advice.

    -question for the radiator, from most of what i've read its told me to use a single loop, so that you can make the best use out of all of your radiator. doesn't the deltaT take care of the whole issue of having to split things up? or am i mistaken?
  6. It all depends on TDP, flow rates and budget. Delta is a calculation of several components so it really depends on several things in order to determine the best approach. If you have enough flow and radiator space, you can always run a single loop, but this also depends on personal preference.
  7. well, if i have everything running right and the delta keeps the turbulance enough to keep the entire line a constant, then that's what i'd like to do.
    from what i read most people suggest a similar loop would be a 3*120 and a 4*120 or any combination of the 2 really. so i figured a 6*140 should be more than enough radiator. i have 2 huge boxes of halloween props from years ago that have 12v dc brushless 80mm fans built in them. With roughly 100 i can part from i thought putting 20 on a side in push pull would be overkill.
    heres the rest of what i'm looking at, let me know if everything looks up to check.

    a swiftech mcp655 with speed control *i want to get a thermal control unit and a flow control, but those will likely come later*

    i was thinking of 2 of these for my gpu's

    these for the ramsinks on gpu's
    -and i know i'm going to hear i dont need them, they wont run hot enough. i'm assuming it wouldn't hurt the line by adding them tho correct?

    a swiftech micro res, a silver plug, some 1/2" 3/4" fesser tube, and some koolances on the cpu, oh and the cpu will be MC-tdx from danger den.

    my concern is with the gpu and ram blocks that the barbs are to small so i'll have to get some sorta extra adapter to get my line to fit them, course i'm not done looking at options for gpu coolers, just want cheap and effective.
  8. also, the fans are of the 2 wire variety. i know that those will be a constant loud earsore, i've been looking for something that i can use to hook up to the thermal control unit to modify the volts/watts/whatever to them so that they can adjust rpm, is there anything or any suggestions you have for that?

    edit-i think i found some on amazon,
    a standard molex runs off 13a, but this one only has the 2 wires ran thru it so would that cut the amp load even more? the fans say they're . 12a so i should have no trouble running all 20 on one line then correct?
    just wanting to make sure before hooking up and end up cooking a line in my psu...
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