MSI Afterburner - Core Voltage OC Problems!

Hi everybody!

I recently bought a brand new gaming PC, after years and years of being a notebook gamer.. So, i finally decided to play around with the overclock settings for my GPU

I have the Z77 MPOWER Motherboard, and as for my GPU, I have the N680GTX Lightning. My system is running windows 7 x64. I use MSI Afterburner 2.3.1 for applying the overclocking, and Furmark for testing (instead of Kombuster)

Im all new to overclocking, so i started reading about it, and came across this review of the GPU:

And they clearly figured out some nice overclocking settings for the GPU. Allthough, I didnt know if I should just change the settings to those levels right away, so i kept looking and found this post as well: (reply #4 was the interesting one for me)

So i started to slowly apply the overclocking to my Core Clock, and everything was well. I was able to get it to +70/80 before the drivers started to crash. But then i went ahead to apply the Core Voltage overclocking (slowly increasing the Voltage a little bit at a time). But then i realized, that when i increase the Core Voltage (to ex. +12 or +25), nothing happens to "GPU voltage, V" in the monitor screen. It just stays at 1175'ish. When i increase the value and press "Apply", it drops to 1100 for like 1/4 of a second, and then goes up to 1175 again. And no matter how much i increase the Core Voltage, it just wont go higher than 1175. When i apply the overclock, GPU-Z also says that the GPU Clock "boost" still is at 1176 (Just like the Defualt Clock). Now, I did increase the Power Limit from 100 to 133%, and i checked "Unlock voltage control", "Unlock voltage monitoring" and "Force constant voltage"(don't really know what the last one does, but i have the same problem with applying the voltage overclock whether i have it checked or not). I also set the UAC settings to "disabled"(Never notify), as i did read somewhere that that could be the problem. Didn't help me though..

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem? Or does anyone have any idea of what i do wrong? Hope somebody can help me! :D

(this is my first post in here.. And sorry for any bad English language)
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  1. I actually was doing the same I have same card but power edition so my bios is locked otherwise it's the same. Try increasing power percentage which allows more power to go to gpu. If you increase core voltage but keep % at the same the same amount of power allowed is all that will go. Try increasing that with core voltage
  2. Sorry just read you increased %. You can try increasing it more, generally you can not hurt the card badly since ur still on stock BIOS. Since you have the lightning edition look up other BIOS
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