Suggest PSU for my Config

Processor - Phenom X4 Quad X4 - 945 3.0Ghz
Mobo - Asus AMD790GX M4A78T-E
Ram - 4GB (2+2) Transcend
Hard Disk - Seagate 500GB
Monitor - Samsung 20" LCD
Video Card - ATI 5750 1GB

Suggest me anyone of the following PSUs
1 . Cooler Master GX 550 PSU (RS-550-ACAA-E3)
2 . Corsair 550W Power Supply (CMPSU-550VX)
3 . Antec BP550 Plus 550W Modular Power Supply

Which one will suit my config ???
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  1. Cosair CMPSU-550VX= best of your choices.
  2. Corsair 550VX is obviously a very good choice no doubt...

    But how much is the price difference between the Cooler Master and the Corsair ?
    And will you be using the PC mainly for gaming ? And what is that monitor's resolution ?
    If that PC will mainly be used for gaming, the I would drop to a lower priced PSU like the Antec EA 500/ CM 550 if it is cheaper/ Or even any 450W+ PSU from Antec EA, ECO Series or CM Real Power or Silent PRO series/ Corsair 450VX and with the money saved, get the HD 5770 instead of the 5750...
  3. Forget about Cooler Masster. I'ld go for the Corsair, but i'ld alos opt for the Antec IF, and ONly IF there ain't any Corsiar available.
  4. +1 on dropping down on PSU(Even 450VX will suffice) and get a better card(5770) for gaming.

    If you've already bought 5750 then go for 550VX.
  5. Both Corsair VX550W and Antec BP550 cost same price .....
    But Antec 550BP is Modular and Corsair 550W VX is NonModular ......
    So which one should i choose ??
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    If you buy a Corsair, how many unused cables will you have? Less than 3? I'd recommend the Corsair.

    I do something different. Before I build, I drill extra holes in the bottom of my cases to tie down unused cables out of the way.
  7. The Antec BP550 is a good PSU (actually the only good Antec BP), so you will be safe with it, if you are looking for modular. Corsair is the better PSU, so if you want the best for the price (modular or not), Corsair is the way to go... IMO
  8. BTW, whats the difference between a modular and a non modular psu?? :o
  9. Modular - Unused cables can be removed/ detached -
    Non - Modular - Fixed cables...

    Google and see for more info...
  10. Thanks :D
  11. antec earthwatts 650 tends to be round the 550vx price you could look into that
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