FAX-120 IBM compatible odt matrix printer driver wanted


I have an old FAX-120 IBM compatible dot matrix printer for which I need a driver. Any ideas please?

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  1. You should be able to use the generic text-only printer driver included with XP.
  2. standlrj said:
    ....I have an old FAX-120 IBM compatible dot matrix printer....

    Dang! That thing's almost as old as I am! :lol:

    As was said above, the generic text only driver is all you got.
  3. Careful with the age jokes. . . ;)

    The first PC I used in high school was from a kit: 6502 CPU system with built-in keyboard, and the optional 32K of memory! $3500 for the kit, then the school still had to add a B&W TV as a monitor and a cassette tape recorder to load BASIC and user programs.
  4. PDP-7 here.
  5. ex_bubblehead said:
    PDP-7 here.

    Did you use punch cards? I have a friend a year older than I who used some sort of mini-computer at the County offices that required punch cards.
  6. Punch cards and mylar (paper) tape. I even worked with some of the earliest hard disks (5MB, the size of a refrigerator).
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