OverClocking TO THE MAX :D

im going to overclock to around 4.7-5ghz (i7 3770k)
anyone know what can keep my processor cool enough to run at that speed.
i assume air cooling is out of the question and water cooling with the Corsair H100 isnt enough either. can anyone reccomend something?
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  1. Have you successfully been able to clock to those speeds? IB doesn't OC like SB does, so that is likely more of a limitation than heat. What vcore and multi are you running? What temps are you seeing? What cooler do you currently have and what speeds and temps are you seeing so far?
  2. everything is all cool on my 2600K.

    If you want closed loop liquid cooling for this, get the H100i.
    Otherwise, I would advise towards a big water cooling system.

    My Noctua does a great job though for Air!!!
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