Asus p57p55D-E Pro not recognizing all mem. Did I miss something?


Quick Q. half way through a new build with above motherboard and bios says I've 2gig mem not the 2 (2x2gb) that's in there. Is this a known issue?

I quickly swapped the two sticks round but to no change in bios. Both are in the blue slots as instructed by manual.

took longer than expected to build whole PC, so only briefly tried to troubleshoot this before bed. will return to the building tonight after work.

Any suggestions most appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Need more info - Initial thoughts 1. Incompatible RAM, 2. Incorrect Slots, 3. Other...need more info.

    Q - What MOBO?
    Q - What RAM exact / prefer link e.g.

    With the 4GB installed post the following:
  2. Thanks. I appreciate the detailed reply there. I'll look into that later when I get back home. Just wondered if there was a predecent for this kinda of thing.

    The asus page sort of talks about the bios mis-reporting the amount of memory plugged in here:

    but I'm unsure if that answers my situation. Anyhow. will install win 7 tonight and get more info! :)
  3. Also, I should have stated above -> to access ALL {most} of the RAM: 1. 64-bit OS or you can loose ~0.5GB, Dedicated GPU vs on-board GPU 'shared RAM' ~0.25~0.5GB. So between the (2) alone up to 1GB. Your ASUS P7P55D-E Pro doesn't have an on-board GPU, but as stated that's why I ask.

    Yep, pretty much is what I was trying to ascertain from the Questions.

    The 'precedent' is 2^32 limits and H/W cache need to 'run' {environment} devices,and if your CPU is not listed in the {CPU Support List} then it too causes other issues but also additional H/W cache - it adds up.
  4. After some investigation it turns out that the 2nd slot was much much stiffer than the other and the memory wasn't abosolutely FULLY seated.

    I just want to say thanks for jumping on my issues and coming to my aid and it's thanks to forums like this that I didn't go the prebuilt route and actually learnt what to do from the ground up. Thanks to all!

    BTW, this is being written on the new PC! YAY!!!!
  5. Yeah that 'ill do her. Cool glad to hear it's running! :sol:
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