How are Seagate Drives?

Hey Guys, I've been trying to decide on a hard drive, but with the price spike it has been difficult. I was looking at picking up the following Western Digital.

Today though, I noticed that Newegg is running a sale on these Seagate Drives.

I've heard some poor things about Seagate and about Samsung drives dropping in quality since Seagate took over their Hard Drive production. Anyone have any experience with the Seagate F3 (Not the old Samsung one). I'm leaning towards the Western Digital because the Black series seems to be doing well and it has a 5 yr warranty. Anyway, I'm wondering if I really need to put forth the extra money or if the Seagate will be perfectly fine.

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  1. There is not hard fast rule on this, and individual opinions is really all you may get here. The drive with the best warranty would be my suggestion. Don't buy WD drives if you ever plan on using them in Raid 5 or 6 though.
  2. Its just for a new rig I'm building no Raid. Thanks for the response.
  3. of the two you listed I would go with the WD Black
  4. That's what I think I'm going with. The WD Black seem to be well received and the five year warranty is defiantly appealing.
  5. I would go with the WD Black also. Although I do have 5 Seagate HDD in my NAS that have been working great for a few years now. I have had both over the years and have not had any real problems with ether brand.
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