5770 and CAtalyst 10.2?

I am considering buying a vapor-x 5770 but i have heard that people are having a lot of issues with Windows 7- 64 bit. Have these issues been resolved with the latest Catalyst drivers?
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  1. I did not buy the Vapor -X 5770, however I do Have 1 XFX 5770 and 1 Sapphire 5770, using cat 10.2 having no issues on either card so far. I also have 1 His 5770 in a separate machine on Win7 no issues. I believe that if you are still having issues the general consensus is that its a bad card and to RMA it. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, go for it. The card is a good one.
  2. Same here: Win 7 64 bit, Cat 10.2 and no issues.
    Enjoy the new card.
  3. You should't have any prob. If you are experiencing large cursor issues after, download the Cat. 10.2 Hotfix from AMD's site

    Install the card and enjoy:)
  4. Has Ati come up with a gpu acceleration feature for encoding yet? It seems that Catalyst 10.2 has a beta feature for drag and drop WinDVD, but it says that it is only for dual core chips. Does this mean that this will not work if you have a quad core. This is an important topic for me as this compputer's main task will be as a HTPC and i will be doing lots of encoding of DVD's onto my HDD. Elemental has a program call Badaboom that uses Nvidia cards to offload some of the encoding pressure onto a more capable GPU. I would prefer ATI and the new 5000 series, but this is a big advantage for Nvidia.
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