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I am trying to optimize my GTX 550 Ti video card and have some questions as to what is going on. I used precision X to overclock my card. I overclocked the GPU Clock to 1010MHz and the Memory Clock from 2178 to 2209. When my card was set at GPU 1000MHz and the Memory Clock was 2178 my benchmark score on EVGA OC Scanner X was 8620 with 143 FPS. After overclocking to 1010MHz and 2209 on the memory I got a benchmark of 28290 and 471 FPS. I have confirmed with CPU-Z OC that my GPU clock is running at 1010MHz durring stress testing. My temps after an hour of stress testing never exceeded 67C and my fan speed was 67%. I never adjusted volts so the volts were 1112 during stress testing, and I got 491 FPS during stress testing. After an hour of stress testing I had no artifacts and the card seemed just fine.

My questions are is it safe to have the memory overclocked to 2209 saying my temps never pass 67C? And how did I get such a high benchmark from the card? I can't believe that with just the small adjustments I made that I went from 143 FPS to 471-491 FPS. And lastly should I try to overclock the GPU clock past 1010 saying everything is stable and temps are low?
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    If there isnt any artifacts, you dont experience crashes, you should be safe running with those setting. I should add, setup a custom fan govenor in PrecisionX to knock speeds up when the card warms up. I never top 65C on mine with a higher memory and a slightly lower GPU clock, even under load. THese cards are weird but great if you use them right. Good luck!
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