Can i use a 5970 with this PSU?

Hello people.

I was just thinking of buying an asus 5970 at some point and i got no idea if my PSU can handle it..

My psu is an enermax liberty eco 620w

Currently i got an i7 920(d0) o/ced at 3.5ghz stable @ 1.1volts and 6gb of hyperX kingston ram @ 1.4ghz - 1.54v.
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    Yes, you have a high quality PSU. You won't have any problem at all.

    Here you have the Power Supply Requirement for your system: 650 Watt or greater power supply one 75W 6-pin and one 150W 8-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended.
  2. Thanks!!! :D just to be absolutely sure, could you take a look at the link i provided? once at the specifications tab, check for the 620watt version.

    p.s. sorry, not a pc expert :( i only know some very basic stuff.
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  4. Don't worry. It will work fine. This PSU presents a combined 12V rating of 48A, which is divided up into two 30A 12V rails. It also has four PCI-E (6+2)-Pin conectors. It presents a good voltage regulation and eficiency. The Ripple and noise suppression is excelent providing a very clean power at the outputs. The capacitors are japoneses on the primary and the standard Enermax 105ºC CE-TUL on the secondary. It's very stable.
    Moreover, it runs very quiet and cool due to a quality dual ball-bearing 120mm fan.
    You did a great choice with this PSU.
  5. Awesome, very, very informative :)

    what remains is the cash for a 5970... :p
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