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If i buy an 850 watt power supply, but i dont use all of the 850 watts, do i still have to pay for all the 850 watts?
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  1. No. You pay for the wattage amount that your system uses. A 850W PSU doesn't uses constantly 850W. Be sure though that the 850W PSU will support your system hardware.
  2. If you are asking, "Will the PSU still pull 850 watts from the wall?"

    Basically, a PSU will pull what it needs - up to it's rated output - from the wall. If your system only needs 400 watts, it will pull about 500 watts (400 watts + plus losses due to efficiency) from the wall.
  3. so with an 80+ psu, it would pull 120 watts per 100 needed?
  4. Something like that! :D
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