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Just got a new Dell Optiplex 980 with a Core i7. Its nice, but the 2 ATI video cards are not as powerful as my Nvidia. Problem is the Dell PSU doesnt have an PCI-E power connector. I need to find something to replace it. I've found a few for the Optiplex 960, not sure if they will suffice. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. What nVidia graphic card do you have?
  2. 8800 GTS 512 Video Card
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- What form factor is the rig? Desktop, SFF or minitower.
    2- Ur current PSU is ATX?, if u can post here the model of the PSU that u have in with that I can help u in a better way.
  4. I have the same problem, it seems Dell has a proprietary thing going on the motherboard power connector called "micro atx power" or something. This stops you from installing a beefier psu (like 500W+), since the ATX power supply will not fit into the motherboard. Hopefully there is some solution avaliable soon to me (as I got a new radeon hd 5570 card I cannot use at the moment due to the built in PSU is 350W and no 12v power connector exists for PCI-e.

    Anyone got a clue to what you can do about this?
  5. No, not problem solved, as the built in PSU is only 350W and I need 450W atleast, which means I have to swap the PSU, and the new PSU won't have the mini power connector to motherboard.. Also there is no power outputs to support that even.
  6. shovenose said:

    That wont work as the Dell PSU has only SATA connections and as noted below, is only 350.. oh well I guess I sell the Dell on Ebay now..
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