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I am having trouble with my heatsink fan sounding like a banshee whenever I download almost anything. I have replaced the fan, but this has not helped. The whole rest of the computer operates normally, but the fan goes from quiet to very loud and back to quiet some of the time and some of the time I have to shut it off to get it to get it quiet again.
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  1. Hi,
    My computer has been inspected thoroughly and there is no dust. The fins on the heat exchanger are so clean they are shinny. The air inlet ports are completely dust free. The heat sink has not been replaced as we thought it was a fan problem. The fan goes up and down at irregular intervals no matter what I am doing with the computer. Right now, it is barely audible. In a few minutes, it will spontaniously increase to anywhere from moderate to very high speed. It does this even when I am in another room and can hear it go up and down. I don't know what a speedfan is or how to download it. Would you give me a little more information on that and also what you might think I need to do next to try fix my problem.
  2. Look for a pc health or hardware monitor section in the board bios. You can access the bios with the "del" key while posting or another "f" key usually identified on the post screen. Smartfan will calibrate and set itself to regulate the fan speed; I use manual or quiet, but your dell bios probably doesn't even have these settings. If you don't have any fan adjustments, get a zalman "fan mate" rpm adjuster for the cpu fan. They sell for about $7 at frys, but check your cpu fan first. The zalman fits 3 pin designs and may not work with 4 pin fans.
  3. I don't have any fan adjustments nor will the fan mate work on my computer as I have a 5 pin fan. The air that comes out the back of my computer is cool and there is a lot of it. I don't think I need to add another fan. I have good airflow.
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