2007 ms office suite service pack 2 ( sp2) will not install

I have tried everything online HP help MS help FixCleaner . compatabilty issues and instlall fails. Also, I cannot restore my backup files created with Hp recovery manager to a DVD-R all file are win files - every instruciton I have read seem to referance Vista, becasue once I get to the step " click on restore my files at bottom right of window- that option is not there or at least stated as such in HP Recovery manager, it starts creating a new back up and when chosing another loacate it does the same as well. It wants to create a new backup[ I cannot find the option to restore. The two may not be related however I am not sure. Please advise.
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  1. Are trying to update through the Win. Update?

    Try http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5
  2. Have you tried uninstalling Office 2007 and then reinstalling it without deleting the installation files?
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