CPU comparison (i5 and phenom II x6)

Hello, I'm looking for a new cpu + ram + mobo and I dont know which one of these two are the better deal: - cpu - mobo - ram

/ - bundle (with the asus mobo)

I currently have some mobo + 4gb ram (3-4 years old) and a AMD Athlon X2 6400+. As I will be soon getting a new gfx card (HD 5850), I was wondering which one of the two above would be best for a upgrade? Couple of my friends are saying I should go with the Intel bundle, but some have also said the AMD one is better with its 6 cores or whatever. After reading up on some sites I'll be honest if I say I just dont know! The AMD bundle comes pre-overclocked and with a cooler, but costs more and I dont know if its worth it.

The price is pretty much how much I can spend (£350-400 more or less), but if these are both not worth it or if I can get better for cheaper, then please help me!
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  1. What are you main computer uses?

    If you do CPU intensive things, such as video encoding, or use other multi-core optimized apps that can take use of more than 4 cores (or if you do some massive multi-tasking), AMD 6 core all the way.

    If your main use is gaming however (or if your main apps are only threaded for 1-4 cores), then go for the i5-750 build. Only a couple games benefit from more than 4 cores, and even then the difference is usually insignificant.
  2. i think 1055t will be more future proof...

    and by the AM3 motherboard are much cheaper compared to 1156 socket...
  3. I will add, if all you're going to use is a 5850, the performance between a 3.6ghz 1055T and a stock (or even overclocked) i5-750 will be limited by the GPU. Meaning performance will be very similar in most games. CPU dependent games may slightly point to i5. The two (that I know of) ">4" core optimized CPU dependent games will slightly point to the 1055T. Both differences however are insignificant.

    It's a tough call honestly. The i5 is faster per clock and will OC a little higher usually, and the 1055T has 50% more cores. If you're using a 5850 for a couple years, take the 1055T.
  4. Toms want us to ask questions. Some of us dont want to read! We want answers.
  5. Given your budget I would go with a Ph II x4 955 and a better motherboard that supports CF allowing you to maybe add another 5850 in the future.
  6. Phenom II X4 955, 1055T, and i5-750 are all good gaming choices. However, I'm sort of biased toward the i5-750. I did the reading between the i5-750 and X4 955 back when I was building. Ultimately opted for the i5-750. No regrets at all. It runs great, and OC'd to 4Ghz extremely easily.

    The 1055T is a great option for the future. But quite frankly, since games are just now finally supporting Quad Cores effectively, I'm not so sure the whole 6 core thing is going to make a big difference in the near term.
  7. im also stuck i have a low budget but i guess il have to change a few things around, im planning to have my pc for a very long time around about 6 years, i wanted 2 get a ud4p mobo, 5850, and a i5 750, im mostly going to be using it for gaming and programming, im biased towards intel but getting the amd cpu would make it much cheaper as the motherboards are a lot cheaper, but having a hex core cpu will be better in the long run, the i5 750 is better for overclocking but im not sure if im even going to overclock it as im worried that i will screw the pc over because i dont know what i am doing and i dont know if the warranty will be void, any advice???????
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