Does Vista 64 upgraded to Windows7 64 affect SSD performance?

So, I've been thinking of upgrading to a SSD + HDD combo. Im probably going to use a 128 Gb crucial SSD for Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (fresh Install), MS Office, my anti virus Kaspersky, and maybe something else. For my data drive I plan on getting the new 1Tb Velociraptor drive for everything else.

My concern is that I have Windows 7 upgrade. So I will have to install Vista first than upgrade to Windows 7and I'm wondering if this will have any impact on the performance or speed of my SSD. Maybe this is a trivial concern that I'm thinking of but I thought I would ask everyone for opinions. Should I buy the standalone Windows 7 or is my upgrade ok?
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  1. The upgrade DVD in many cases should give an option to do a clean install but I really do not think it will affect performance at all which ever you choose.
  2. You actually don't need Vista at all. Here's what you can do:

    1) Boot from the Windows 7 CD and install it without the product key (skip it during setup).
    2) Run the Windows 7 installer again to do a clean install, but this time from your new Windows 7 install (important that you don't boot from it, also use the product key this time)
    3) Delete the windows.old folder in the root directory of your drive (contains files from the old Win7 install)
  3. wow, i didnt even know it was possible to do what aicom is talking about. So that meant that the entire windows 7 is on the upgrade cd...I always thought that the upgrade must have used some files from vista or something. Sneaky M$
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