4850 display drivers problem

I just installed a new video card but I can't get it to load past the boot screen. It boots in safe mode but not in VGA mode so I'm assuming it's a problem with the drivers. I've tried installing two versions of it and neither work. I've tried it both on Windows 7 and Windows XP.
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  1. Did you uninstall the previous drivers from both windows installs?

    If you did, then it could also be a problem with the video card or the PSU.

  2. I tested it on another system and the video card works. I'm pretty sure I uninstalled all the drivers. I don't need to uninstall the drivers for my integrated graphics do I?
  3. Yes you do.

    Now, don't uninstall the chipset driver, because they're different things. Remove any ATI/nVidia driver for video you have on your rig. You might also need driver cleaner to do a clean uninstall.

  4. I removed the onboard drivers and the ATI drivers and reinstalled them but it still doesn't work.
  5. I'm scratching my head thinking about a possible problem, but the only thing I can think of is:

    When you installed your card, did it work for some time before giving you a headache or it never did?

  6. It never did. It might be my power supply but I don't want to have to go buy a new one just to see if thats the case. Is there anyway to tell if my card's getting enough power? My PSU is rated at 585W so technically it should be more than enough.
  7. What's your PSU? In case you know your PSU can handle the card, is there any config on your BIOS you can think of it might be causing the PCIe to malfunction? O not only the PCIe, any component when you install the card.

  8. Well I checked by BIOS. It's telling me that the 12V is pulling what it should. I have no way of checking the actuage wattage so I can't tell if it's the PSU or not. The only options in the BIOS that seem relevant are [PCI Devices Power On] under ACPI settings which default is disabled and [PCI Latency Timer] default is 32.
  9. The BIOS doesn't have any way of telling you how much power is getting your video card... But leaving that aside, seems like you didn't notice anything weird...

    Ugh, tough problem indeed... Did you try a clean windows install? That's the last of the options I can think of =/

  10. Well this time when I started it up in XP, I let it sit there for a couple minutes. It eventually came up with a BSOD.

    "The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop."
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