Best gaming case for Xfire rig

I currently using a very bad and old case atm, I'm looking for a case which has decent airflow inbetween the ATI EAH4850's, I've recently had small overheating problems whilst gaming. I'm not too worried about CPU temp, mostly on the GPU temps. I'm looking forward to spend round $100-$150 for a case
Any nice suggestions? thx
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    how does this one look? good airflow as well?
    I'll consider the ones above thx guys :)
  2. nexus, the one you linked is what i was just about to recommend. probably the best case on the market.

    i prefer my lancool k62, but if its GPU cooling you are after, the HAF is as good as it gets.
  3. The cooling of the Lancool k-62 should be more then enough for an xfure config. It comes with 4 fans, 1 140mm in front and 2 140mm on the top, with one 120mm fan at the rear. And it costs less. And has a tool free design, it is quite lovely.
  4. nexus_nexion said:
    how does this one look? good airflow as well?
    Yes, but some people have complained about non-working fans, especially the big side fan.
    I'll consider the ones above thx guys :)

    Don't forget the dremel for cutting/enlarging the openings for internal cable management.
  5. Treefrog thx for tip :) Will have a look.
    Since GFX cards are getting bigger and bigger, more room will be needed. Will the Case I'm getting/linked last me for 5 years? :P
  6. If you look at the pics for the CM690 II Advanced (just released in January), you'll see that the lower HDD cage can be removed, if necessary.

    GURU3D says the HD5870 is 11 inches long, and at least 3 newegg reviewers say it fit comfortably.
    GURU3D says the HD5970 is 12 inches long, so I'll measure my CM690 - regular version tonight and post the results.
  7. what bout the antec 1200 and antec cp1000 power supply?
  8. I have a 800W PSU atm, don't need to upgrade just yet.
    Will have a close look at the antec 1200 thx :)
    CM690 seems to have good reviews, but the design doesn't look as good =/
    Any other quick suggestions before I start ordering tomorrow? :)
  9. I just measured my CM690 from the rear expansion slots to the HDD cage = 12.25 inches. Both the CM690 II Advanced and the regular CM690 have the same dimensions. So both will accommodate the HD5970
  10. Ahhh great :) thx for everything, time to order xD
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