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I have an HP pavilion a255c ( upgraded to 1gb memory. I need to upgrade my video card to one with 128mb (or higher) that supports shader model 2.0 (or 3.0). I had called a couple of retailers who iformed me that I'd need to change the motherboard- not going to happen. Any suggestions would be appreciated?
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  1. You might not like my answer, but here it is. That thing is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD.
    It only uses AGP 4x? Well the best I can suggest would be any Radeon HD 4650 that supports 4x AGP. As for your computer, uATX? That is like Micro ATX but the card is for full tower cases not micro. Still check your PSU to see if it can provide this much power for this one I found.
  2. What power supply do you have in there? How many watts?
  3. SM 2.0 is DX9 and SM3.0 is DX9c, so any video card afther the X800 and 6800 era should be enough.

    A 4650, 4550, 4670, 5470, 5570 or 5670 is more than plenty, just make sure it fits on your case and good luck! 8)

  4. A 400W-500W major bracd should do nicely, although the card will be bottlenecked by not just the AGP port but also the old Pentium 4, hence why the retailers asked you to upgrade the mobo. Woops thought that the newcomer was asking me. The advice still applies though.
  5. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for all your help folks!
  6. Ok, found a store that deals with refurbished rigs and they had a card that seems to work. It is an Asus AH3450 512 mb. Seems to work good so far....
  7. Well good for you, my 4650 suggestion was only there because I thought you wanted it. The 3450 is an interim upgrade because newer games have already surpassed it in their requirements. Just look at Force Unleashed or The Sabotieur.
  8. I had called a few places for the card you suggested, but they did not have any in my area. Ultimately, I was able to bring my rig into the store and they were able to check it out- I'm not too great with installs and as it turned out, I needed another cord to power the fan on this one. This rig is going to my young kids (6 & 8yrs) so they won't be playing any advanced games (hopefully) for a few years. Your response did give me hope that I could find a local card that would work.
  9. Enjoy, my area only has one crappy PC store and I have to travel like 5 miles on mass transit to get to a MicroCenter, they have most of my pc part needs.
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