Is my cpu temp ok?


I have some concerns about the temperture of my cpu. I have a amd phenom x4 925 2.8ghz and im not sure if the temperatures are ok.

Now i have an asus motherboard and i have installed that pc probe software on the pc which tells me the cpu temp ect.
This is where i get confused, i have used hw monitor and all temperatures come up.

Now in hwmonitor just under the voltages bit at the top there is a reading called ''tempin0'' and that reads exactly what pc probe reads for the cpu. When idol its usually 37c-44c but when under load it can go to 52c-57c. Where it says core those readings are always lower??

Is that normal and am i reading the correct parts?

Btw i notice when the temp goes up in tempin0 the cpu fanin0 also increases in speed any thing up to 4500rpm?

Is my computer ok?

any help appricated - pic down below

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  1. First, you need to tell us if this is on idle or on load.

    I believe the program is reading incorrectly because your core temperatures are lower than your CPU temperature (I believe the CPU temp is of the Tcase and the core temp is, well, the actual core.)

    The definitive answer though, is to open your case and hold your hand against the heatsink. If it's really 85C, you will go ouch after a few seconds. But 37C you will go "hmm that's a bit warmer than the air"
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, No the temperutere is defo not 85c that is defo a faulty reading. I have a onboard nvidia graphics and for some reason it is showing up on cpuid.

    The picture above is on idol and just surfing the internet
  3. the reading that is highlighted i beleive is the cpu temp. Asus pc prob shows the same temperature but the 4 cores are always cooler
  4. Its the one that says tempin0 and reads 44c
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    Where it says Core 0, 1, 2, 3 is your actuall CPU or core temp. Those are very good for idle.
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  7. thanks got it now
  8. You're very welcome!
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