Zalman 9500 installation help

I'm trying to install this new CPU cooler on my m2a-vm mother board socket type AM2 the thing is though the holes on the mother board dont line up with the mounts... What should I do it says its AM2 compatible.
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  1. well I put the old cooler on, guess I can't put the new one on today.

    Seems that the problem is that AM2 socket motherboards usually come with the bracket already installed on the mother board. Mine however don't have that bracket so I'll have to buy one separate.
  2. Can you send the Zalman 9500 back and pick up a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus (if it will fit into your case), versus buying a bracket?

    The Cooler Master is a better heat sink and typically can be purchase for cheaper than the Zalman 9500 and doesn't require the AM2 bracket.... Just another thought, which in the end you'll end up a cheaper heat sink.
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