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So I been looking for a while for few answers but cant get a very straight answer. Help if you can with all. This applys to all GPU but using mine for example. I have msi gtx 680 OC at 1202 core stock volatge, temp don't pass 70 degrees on 1080p monitor. Questions: Does OC your memory give your noticeable performance boost, I say noticeable because of course it will but is it negligible? My stock core clock is 1050 does my now OC 1202 with stock voltage put extra stress on the card or damage it severely? Does my OC give that much or a noticeable boost in fps and performance? or should I lower to 1150 or back to stock?
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  1. Well you should answer that yourself by benchmarking any overclocks you do, just have it set at stock and do a benchmark test and then test when overclocked and you can see the difference.
    For me the think that makes the biggest difference is the core clock if you raise this you will see an improvement but raising the memory speed doesn't seem to show much difference but you should test this out yourself
  2. Does it do any hard to the card even with stock voltage?
  3. Well what are you using to overclock? In general changing the frequencies will not do any damage but may make it unstable and crash which will be when you know you've pushed it too far and need to cut back a bit
    Changing the voltage is more dangerous as you can put too much volts to the gpu and will definitely be creating more heat the higher the voltage
  4. MSI afterburner
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