Which motherboard to get for core 2 quad Q9550?

After the recent discovery of the cause for many headaches [Intel core 2 quad Q9550(45nm) + nForce 680i LT] = no mobo support for chip. Presuming the board is the problem causing random lock-ups due to lack of support and not being made for the chip and whatnot(Apparently they shouldn't even boot together...)

...I have decided to get a new motherboard.

My question now though, what to get? It looks like production on socket 775 boards has stopped entirely, and only leftovers are on the market. :(

SLI/Crossfire isn't a major factor for me, especially with the dual gpu cards on the market, but is still nice to know I can upgrade.

Open to any suggestions.
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  1. Quote:
    first off there is support for the chip in this board; you must have some other issue.
    what do you want to do, get a good 775 or upgrade you unit including different socket motherboard.?

    That's what I thought when I got the processor for it. But the 680i(& LT) do not support the 45nm Quads.

    NVIDIA nForce 680i Motherboards Do Not Support Quad Core Yorkfield
    You may've heard the rumors too, but I waited on purpose before posting this one. It's now confirmed by NVIDIA what's up with 680i motherboards supporting the new quad core Yorkfield processors:

    The (680i) MCP fully supports both dual core Wolfdale and quad core Yorkfield, but at the board level, a motherboard circuit change is required for quad core YF.

    All NVIDIA nForce 680i motherboard owners should have in mind that their current mainboard won't support Yorkfield, probably not even if a new BIOS is released. Hardware modification is needed, which most likely means you have to buy a new motherboard.

    EVGA 680i users,

    The EVGA 680i SLI motherboard will support 45nm Wolfsdale (dual core) CPU's with an upcoming BIOS update. 45nm Yorkfield (quad core) CPU's will be supported on upcoming nForce 700-series SLI motherboards.


    I've got a yorkfield...

    This cpu is great, just need a motherboard that fully supports it.
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  3. Quote:
    i've got a yorkie too, a Q9550S..

    You have an nfroce 680i too?

    Look here:
  4. Quote:
    first off there is support for the chip in this board; you must have some other issue.

    That is an old page.

    NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI LT Motherboard
    Segment Extreme Gamer
    Chipset nForce 680i LT SLI MCP
    Socket Intel Socket 775
    CPU Core 2 Extreme
    (dual and quad core)
    Core 2 Quad <------ refers to the 65 nm quads, not the 45 nm Yorkfields
    Core 2 Duo

    I really like the Gigabyte motherboards:
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