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Hey all, as the title suggests I am adding water cooling to my GPUs, but before I start swiping the credit card, I'd like some general advice. I've browsed the forums a bit, including the water cooling sticky, which was very easy to understand given my naval nuclear power background and provided me with a solid sense of confidence towards the theory, but being my first liquid build I'm worried about making a wrong purchase.

Below are my current specs
cpu: i7 3930k, 4.6Ghz -> liquid cooled by H100
mobo: ASUS RoG Formula IV
GPUs: 2x EVGA 680 4GB FTWs w/ backplate
PSU: 1200W Corsair Gold Certified
tower: Cooler Master HAF-X
waterblocks: I already own 2x EK-FC680 full sized blocks

I know my power supply is big enough for more cooling, and I know the tower is big enough for internal liquid cooling, but my few concerns are: most liquid builds I've seen utilize the same radiator between the cpu and the gpu's, but I'm already using an H100 cooler for my cpu, and at 4.6Ghz, the highest temp I've seen is 48C, but I question how much extra space I'll have for the gpu radiator? Would it be more efficient/cheaper to buy a larger radiator and additional connections and simply plug the gpu's and cpu into the same radiator? If I don't remove the H100 system, would I have sufficient room to install the gpu radiator in a manner that would be thermally efficient?

Currently, I am considering the following parts strictly for the GPUs:

--pump: 1x MCP655-B
--radiator: XSPC dual 120mm
--res: Swiftech microres
--tubing: PrimoChill 3/8" x 1/2"

The following 3-way bridge would connect the two cards in parallel, correct?

The last concern I have is the fittings, barbs, connections... what am I missing?
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  1. from what i read, a 240 will do about 500w max heat dispersion, the smaller h100 will do about another 200ish? if you want your delta to be 15-20 degree's you could be fine, but you'll most likely be more satisfied with another or a larger radiator. i'll be needing to push about the same amount of heat, slightly more with a few added ramsinks and i'm going to use a 6*140, i'm hoping it'll be overkill...but i already had one response tell me that it still wont be enough for a single loop? which is discouraging because i keep seeing people saying a dual 360 would do wonders for similar setups, but yet a single radiator that's twice as big aparantly wont work? *confused....?

    -edit i think you'll have more luck actually looking up the laws of thermodynamics and trying to calc it yourself, i prefer science rather than opinion, unless its onion backed by science ;) and a week ago i was complete noob to WC and now feel i have a fair grasp, you just gota dig in.
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