Which is the best PCI Express X16 low profile graphics card for gaming

I have a low profile pci express slot. I cant upgrade my pc so i want the best graphics card available for pci express X16 low profile to fulfil my gaming needs.
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  1. Low profile and gaming don't seem to go very well together in the same sentence, however for what you are looking for I think this card will suit you well


    Best current low profile card, DirectX 11 support.
  2. You might want to check your PSU and see if it supports this. Power Supply.
  3. That's the card I linked to the 5570.
  4. sparkle makes a GTS 250 but good luck finding a power supply for it that can fit in a slim case.
  5. my bad, just wanted to link to more options, I thought it was a modded 5450.
  6. A frend of mine suggested this card


    will it work on my slot or not if yes then its better then 5570?
  7. Hell no, it's a full card, not low-profile. It isn't even available, stick with a 5450 or a 5570.
  8. No, you cannot use that card. You have a low profile machine, and require a low profile graphics card.


    Would be the BEST possible card you can have in your computer at this time.
  9. whats the psu specs for the above gts 250?
  10. Good luck finding a 450W PSU on a slim pc, and 450W with 24A on the 12V rail. Not likely going to happen. Besides it isn't even DirectX 11 compatible.
  11. I am pretty sure that the OPs system has no higher than a 350W PSU for a HTPC/Low profile. The card I listed is indeed the best for the price. If you had a slightly bigger PSU that 250 would work just fine, however it is more than likely you don't so the 5570 is your best bet.
  12. i would suggest save the money for a new case,PSU and GPU so you don't have the slim case limiting your options
  13. Oh good, another slimline. I wish people would stop buying those.

    The absolute best thing you can do is take everything out of the crappy slimline case and put it into a regular case. Then upgrade the power supply and video card. Because as others have said, your odds of finding a slimline power supply that can handle anything decent are about zero. When all this is over, smash the old slimline case with a hammer so no one else can use it.

    Of course, you could still be screwed if your motherboard has an oddball proprietary power connector. Then your only option is to get a whole new machine. So check that it has a standard 24-pin or 20-pin connection before you do anything. Dell or HP or whoever doesn't make any money if you upgrade your machine with off-the-shelf parts, so they will do their best to make it difficult and steer you into buying a new Dell or HP or whatever. If your motherboard does turn out to be the proprietary kind, don't reward that type of bullshit; just learn to build a new machine yourself instead of staying beholden to the pre-built manufacturers.
  14. ok if i get a new case n psu can i have full card on this low profile slot?
  15. Correct, you just have to pull out all the wires and remember to put them back in the right place when you put it in a new case. And with a new case there will be no low profile slot, although if you got a low-profile card... you might want to buy a full one.
  16. I don't think there is such a thing as a "low profile slot", its the card itself which is low profile the motherboard should be a full pci-e slot. If you get a new case and PSU you can go with a Radeon 5770 and have great gaming performance and awesome HD video.
  17. lmao . i'm impressed at ur straight reply. actually i had my custom pc this is for my lil bro so thats y i'm looking for best n cost efficient way.
  18. That's why I answered, I was doing similar research for my little bro's slimline Dell. It was actually the topic of my post last night. It's solved.
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