Kaspersky slows down computer

Hello,my kaspersky internet security disabled protection auromatically which leads to slow down of my computer,it took 30 minutes to operate in normal way,plz help!!!!!!
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  1. I hate Kaspersky, it uses far too much system resources for an antivirus. On older PCs it's a real killer.
  2. I bought a brand new laptop from Bestbuy 2 months ago that came with 60 days free Norton and BB gave me a Kapersky disc for free. Norton expired so I removed it and installed Kapersky. Bam, instantly my new laptop slowed down to a crawl. I will be removing it and installing something else after reading all of the comments regarding Kapersky. It's a piece of crap, probrably works great, but I'd rather not be annoyed and frustrated every minute I'm using my computer!
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