Guinea Pig Needed - Windows 32-bit + 4GB RAM

Trial of 32-bit OS with 4GB RAM - Resources, Subjective Performance, and Stability.

I am curious and so are others, unfortunately all my rigs are Win 7 x64 Pro so I cannot test a theory.

Windows 32-bit can only access 4GB period ; so it 'seems' odd to me to use a Page File {slow} in exchange for Real RAM {fast}. Therefore, 'why do it'?

Try turning-off the Page File {see image}; but first post your Resource Monitor Before & After. I understand the 'page file' extended memory, but I'm not convinced it any more stable than a full 4GB of real running out vs 3.5GB real + 0.5 + extended.

#1 - Post the 'standard' Resource Monitor:

#2 - Turn-Off Page File and Restart:

#3 - Post the 'NO PAGE FILE' Resource Monitor:
{see above}

#4 - Try to 'Break' a/k/a use the heck out of your rig and report findings. Most of you will notice an Improvement.

Thanks! :D
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  1. I have done that.

    The improvement is good. But you must have lots of memory.
  2. I'm trying to 'see' the differences in the Resource Manager. I've tried it before too and specifically I'm looking for 'maxed' 32-bit RAM. So if you could I'd like to see the before and after Resource Manager.

  3. Set up free account at, 'print screen' {use Alt + PrtScn} - , Use Photoshop or Paint - save as jpeg, upload, in the Post body or use's 'IMG Code' {click on it copies the code and URL. Sounds like a pain, but after a few times it's silly easy. Too I often link an outside image by right click 'copy image URL...

  4. VERY Remote my assumption {good assumption} is that if you got to the point of running out of RAM then you'd need open almost every App on your rig, and Physical or virtual {Page File} won't make too much difference to get a BSOD.

    Keep the Resource Manager open to keep an eye on your RAM; I turn-off the Page File all of the time on my i7 and never get close to running out.
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