About Temps and Voltages of i5 2500k @ 4.3 -CM V6 gt

Hi everyone, im new in the forum, but i have read a lot of things here.

This is what im asking... (and sorry i dont know speak english)

I live in Uruguay, a country in South America, (its between Brazil and Argentina). Here, is to hot in summer, and its summer. In my bedroom i have all the sun light for 6-7 hours any day. Because of this my room its at 30 C probably or a little more.

I have a HAF 912, and a Cooler Master V6 gt over an Intel i5 2500k (some guys form a comercial place install it whit artic silver 10, i suppouse it is fine)

But i have an Asus p8p67 deluxe too, and this allows me to set the Asus Optimus Mode. This set automaticly my cpu frecuenze to 4.3. But the problem is that my temps are quite high.

Here in Uruguay the summer is 2 moths logn, and in the other part of the year my temps down drasticly.

I know tcase for intel i5 2500k is 72.6 C. When i stress 100% the cpu, cpu cores in a hot day rise to 69 C (the #2 core, the others 67 or less). This if i see core temp, if i see aida64, the max temperatures are arround 67, 66. The hotest cpu package temperature i see was 67 C or 68 C. But the hotest CPU temperature (aida shows me and its the same that Asus AI suite II) is 57.

Fine, i should back to 3.3hz, or it is normal and fine. That way probably i should have 5-8 grades less.

I add an image see it plz


(O!, i have only two 120mm cooler master default fans on the chassis, im going to add more soon)
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  1. As long as you are under 72 degrees I would say you are fine.
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