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hi guys,
i need some help sertting up multiple monitors for gaming. my pc is powerfull enough and all but when i go into nvidia control panel, i get the option to extend display onto the 2nd monitor. i do this and everything works fine, but when i play a game, the game shows up on just one screen while the other screen is left at the desktop. do you need to configure in game settings or what?
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  1. Only the HD 5000 series graphics card form ATI or a Matrox Dual/Triple Head 2 Go will allow you to span a game across two or more monitors.

    ATI calls this technology "Eyefinity",review-31822-8.html
  2. This was actually possible for dual monitor on Nvidia cards, and I actually used it.
    The problem is that it is only on the old(really old) drivers.
    You can play in a single span, but only if you do not mind using older drivers.

    This may not actually be supported on windows vista/7 or on newer cards (8xxx,9xxx,2xx)

    I have gotten it to work on a 7 series card though.
  3. BTW
    You can run some games like supreme Commander and others in a window mode then resize the window to span 2 or more lcd's.
    I use a couple engtx 260 nvidia cards and depending on the software it works very well and adds a big cool factor pushing 3x 25" lcd's.
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