Buy an SSD up to 170$

I wanna buy an SSD less than 170$.

- Sandy Bridge + P67(Z68)
- I need at least 100GB space
- It's for win7 x64 + Apps + maybe 2-3 games
- Fastest SPEED + SSD DURABILITY (My data isn't so important)

What should i buy (DO)?

1. Buy 128GB SSD
2. Buy 2x64GB (RAID)
3. 2x64GB (NOT RAID, 1 for win+ 1 for Apps)
4. Wait for a newer technology (Is there any news?)

Any other ideas?
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  1. Personally I would place reliability above all else.

    Recently I had the slowest entry-level SSD and was impressed with results over HDD. Then it crapped. So I bought the most reliable. They are currently on sale. Straightforward 128 GB would probably be faster than 2x 64GB in RAID since 128 is essentially 2x64 worth of chips in a raid-like array anyway. But yea, if you do find 2 64s with same specs, but still, everyone [else, much more knowledgeable] is going to ask what you are trying do, so you might want to expand your OP if you want "other ideas".
  2. ...and this is the most reliable after Intel:
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