700-800(-) Budget AMD Gaming Computer build HELP!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: THIS MONTH OR NEXT MONTH 700-800$ cant go more than 800$ exact.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: GAMING, (starcraft 2, CODMW2 CRYSIS, ETC) browsing burning cd's etc

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS.





Hello there guys. i require help since i never build a computer before and this upcoming computer that i want you guys to help me out will be my first.. i decided to go AMD since i am in a budget best bang for buck. i Will do gaming more than anything... just constant games, and other things like burning music, movies, etc.

i have Windows ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit i do not know which one should i use.

Please keep in mind i am in a budget of 700-800$

ALSO! =) i really think i should use the Phenom ii X4 since i think the athlon is not going able to handle more upcoming games during the next few years. ( i dont know the difference and i see more reviews on the phenom than athlon)
and i also like the ripjaws RAM,
please i need help on a whole building computer everything thank you!!!!
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  1. CPU doesn't matter for gaming. Athlons and Phenoms are essentially the same, just the Athlons have a lower clock speed.

    CPU/Mobo: X3 440 and Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $197 after rebate
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $115
    GPU: HD 5850 $315
    HDD/PSU: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB and OCZ StealthXStream 700W $85 after rebate
    Case: NZXT M59 - 001BK $40 after rebate
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $20

    Total: $772 after rebates. That's about as close as it gets.
  2. thank you very much admiral like always any more other suggestions? BUMP
  3. maybe 700 watt is a bit too much not?
  4. well its good to have a high amount watt just in case if i am not mistaken..
  5. but is it not having higher clockspeed way better than lower.. by how much is the phenom go vs the athlon at clockspeed
  6. The extra watts are so you have the option to Crossfire the 5850 later on.

    Yes, a higher clock speed is faster. However, the CPU's performance doesn't really affect gaming performance. If you spend less on the CPU, you can spend more on the GPU. The GPU directly improves gaming performance, so you need to spend as much of the budget as possible on the GPU.
  7. Any other adjustements lol :D should i use the windows 7 ultimate? 64 bit ?? thanks for reply should i stick with the athlon or phenom i am starting to think about it thank you
  8. You should definitely use 64-bit. I personally don't see any point in using anything above Home, but go to Microsoft's site and check out the added features and see if you need them.

    Keep in mind that once you buy a CPU, you don't have to have the same one for the life of the build. The AM3 socket has a wide variety of CPUs that work with the same boards. If you find the CPU holding you back after a few years, you can easily drop in another one down the road.
  9. I'm honestly surprised MadAdmiral managed to fit a 5850 in that build. That is an amazing build for the money.

    700 W is overkill for right now, but that combo is too good to pass up at this price range, and allowing for CrossFire later is an excellent way to keep the build viable for a longer period of time. $20 DVD burner is also about $3-$4 cheaper than they've been recently.

    There is nothing I would change about that build, unless you are able to come up with $100-200 more.
  10. i want that build but the problem is total is gonna be 834$ something and then after rebates it will be 773$ but i dont know how rebates work i know how they work but i dont know if they do give it to you for 100%
  11. If you follow the rules, you will get the rebate. Once you get everything in your hands, you'll probably have to fill out some form and send it in with the UPC within a number of days. Exactly what you have to do is all laid out in the rebate form.

    If you're near a large computer parts store (namely Microcenter), you can sometimes get them to price match Newegg, but you have to ask someone.
  12. Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 and Athlon II x3 435 ($150 after mail in rebate)

    You lose the ability to crossfire later on for a cheaper price
  13. Wow thanks
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