Either this two. ONLY.

Enermax ECL240 or Thermaltake water 2.0 Extreme? I can't go for Corsair H100i cause it cost too much between these two coolers. Really need the reply ASAP. Thanks guys! :)
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  1. http://hexus.net/tech/reviews/cooling/45993-enermax-elc240/
    Seems the better of the two options, although I am required to inform you that both options are bad ones, you can't get a good air cooler instead?
    If you desperately want Watercooling, save up, good loop kits aren't much more than a H100 and are better performers
  2. Agree with Moto...a snap decision over 2 mediocre coolers isn't going to be the best in the long run, especially when most good air coolers perform about as well for less money.

    If you are buying them for the 'liquid cooling' moniker, just be advised that it isn't going to perform like an actual watercooling loop and more like a high end air cooler.
  3. I think if he can't afford a H100 then a decent kit is well out his budget, and we don't know where Op lives so...
    otherwise yes, as Rubix will tell you, I would've suggested an Xspc kit myself :)
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